Sharepoint Functions: Advanced Software Search


Usually people search about something on computers or internet on almost daily basis. There was a time when we need something in specific and we just not able to find because of the broad spectrum. So in order to narrow down the spectrum or the search results to get the accurate data outcome, advanced search is introduced. Searching for files in an organization is always

How to Make your Site Ownership Private?


Owning a Website thru a server will make your name or owner’s name public and could be visible on search engines. If you are concern about your privacy, there are options involves hiding or making your name in private or anonymous.

How Accurate is the Online Site Value?


Online site value can be determine by different online and program site value calculator, but… a simple reminder would be for you to make sure that the site value calculator site are of good standing and not those sprouting like mushrooms that provide inaccurate results.

How to Track Your Site Statistics


Tracking hits issues you an incomplete picture. A significant number of your “hits” originate from non-human guests called spiders. These “bots” gather data for web search tools or abandon you spam remarks. It is important to know what number of people visit your site, what they look at, and why. Comments are additionally a poor method of tracking traffic. I know a site were in